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NOC code :
3233 - Licensed practical nurses

For the territory requested : Val d'Or
Number of offers found : 6

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Offer N° Name of the job Employer Number
Education Years of experience Work place
7327855 nursing assistant (registered - Québec) AGENCE CONTINUUM INC. 1 Secondary an asset Val d'Or
7299145 nursing assistant (registered - Québec) PAVILLON L'OASIS DU REPOS DE VAL D'OR INC. 1 Secondary an asset Val-d'Or
7221108 CNA (certified nursing assistant) CLINIQUE INFIRMIÈRE NORD-OUEST INC. 5 Secondary an asset Val-d'Or
7169542 nursing assistant (registered - Québec) MAISON DE LA SOURCE GABRIEL INC. 1 Collegial 1 to 2 years experience Val-d'Or
6449182 nursing assistant (registered - Québec) CENTRE INTÉGRÉ DE SANTÉ ET DE SERVICES SOCIAUX DE L’ABITIBI-TÉMISCAMINGUE 1 Secondary an asset Val-d'Or
5555531 nursing assistant (registered - Québec) Placement Premier Soin 1 Secondary 1 to 6 months experience Val d'Or

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